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by bicyelefunclub on December 19, 2012

DIY Bike Repair – 3 Tips You Need To Know

If you do a lot of bike riding, you know how much maintenance goes into keeping your bike in tip top shape. There are lots of things to maintain, including the grips, handlebars, chains, derailers, and all of the other components that street and mountain bikes all tend to have. But what if something goes wrong? Will you know what to do or how to fix it? In this article, we will present three tips on how to do DIY bike repairs that will help you maintain your bike for years to come.

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Get a Quality Bike Repair Stand

One thing that most serious biking enthusiasts have is a bike repair stand. You know how difficult it is to do the repairs, but if you don’t have a proper stand to keep your bike in place, or put it in a proper position for certain repairs, it can make your job almost impossible to complete. You always want to get a bike repair stand that has a three point leg system. It should have a quick release height adjustment that will allow you to raise and lower the bike to suit your needs. Finally, it should have cam-type clamps that will allow you to easily work on your bicycle tires without having to worry about them moving while you are doing your DIY bike repair.


Replacing or Adjusting Your Bicycle Brakes

A very important component of your bike is the brakes. If you’re going downhill, or going really fast and need to stop on a dime, your brakes need to be properly tuned to provide you with that element of safety. Once you have your bicycle stand, you will be able to position your bike in such a way to not only do maintenance on your brakes, but also adjust them within minutes. Even if you do not have a stand, if you have the right tools (usually a screwdriver and a couple crescent wrenches) you will be able to make any DIY bike repair to ensure that your bike is functioning at optimal levels.

Proper Tools for DIY Bike Repairs

Speaking of tools needed for repairs, there are quite a few that you ought to have on hand just in case something goes wrong.

Tools to Have at Home:

Tools such as a flat cone wrench, a chain riveting tool, a spoke wrench, cable cutters, as well as pliers and screwdrivers are essential tools that every avid bike rider must have access to.


Tools for the Ride:

The tools that you bring on your ride are going to be a little different. They must be compact, and applicable for problems that may occur when you are out and about. It’s always good to have a hand pump for flats, as well as a puncture kit and patches to make quick fixes. An Allen wrench can be used to make quick adjustments on things like your handlebars and seat. And, of course, you want to bring a pocket knife that has multiple components in case you need to cut something or use a screwdriver for fast repairs.

In conclusion, hopefully these tips will help you not only maintain your bike, but also provide you with the security that you will need when out on the open road. Although these DIY bike repair tips are helpful, it’s always a good idea to learn as much as you can when it comes to maintaining your bike and adding to its overall functionality and longevity. You can usually find this information on websites that provide a DIY bike repair video section, or websites that have a DIY bike repair review or two on other website that will lead you to this information. Good luck and happy riding!

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